Facebook Lite has come to Malaysia! Will Malaysians abandon the old fatty bandwidth-sucking Facebook?

Malaysians! Take a look at the new bar at the top of your Facebook page now! Do you see what I see? Yes, Facebook Lite has finally comes to Malaysia!

Facebook Lite has come to Malaysia! Will Malaysians abandon the old fatty bandwidth-sucking Facebook?

Facebook Lite for Malaysians

Good news for Malaysians! Facebook Lite, a new Facebook feature that was first introduced to Americans on September 10th 2009 has now been released to Malaysians! Finally!

I’m in a hurry since I have to do some shopping (wife’s screaming right now) outside but I just had to share this news with everybody. So please forgive me for the apparent rush in preparing this blog post for you. To make things easier for me and everybody, please watch the following video for a quick comparison between Facebook Lite and the old Facebook Fatty (just kidding).

Updated on October 22nd 4:40 PM:

My thoughts on Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite is true to its name. It is indeed light, sucking much lesser bandwidth than its older brother. Perfect for a Facebook user like me that has a very poor broadband connection. Took me a while to familiarize myself with the new Facebook Lite user interface but I soon got the hang of it. I really like it but I still prefer Facebook Mobile since I spend more time there. :)

Will Malaysians abandon the old fatty bandwidth-sucking Facebook?

I don’t think so. Even though Malaysians know their broadband connections are among the worst in the world, they will continue to use the old fat bandwidth-sucking Facebook. Why? This is because Malaysians in general simply could not live without videos, delicious photos (you know; cute celebrities, b00bs and b00ties) and of course those stupid 3rd party Facebook gaming apps. On Facebook Lite, they have very few choices and I know they won’t like it one bit. They will abandon Facebook Lite sooner or later and go back to the old fat bandwidth-sucking Facebook. :)
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