Aluminum-encased Dell Adamo XPS has a heat sensor but it cannot detect jealous MacBook geeks

Do you know that the mysterious super thin aluminum-encased Dell Adamo XPS laptop has a heat sensor and it only needs a little bit of heat to automatically open the lid of the laptop for you? Read on for more juicy surprises.

Aluminum-encased Dell Adamo XPS has a heat sensor but it cannot detect jealous MacBook geeks

Dell Adamo XPS - Side Photo 2

Last week we saw two new photos of the mysterious super thin (how thin? 9.99mm thick!) Dell Adamo XPS laptop and today I just want to quickly share something that I have discovered last Sunday.

“The Adamo XPS has a heat-sensing strip on the lip that, when swiped with a finger, glows white and automatically opens the aluminum lid. Garriques says the $2,000 computer will serve as a statement about Dell. "This isn't going to be a high-volume product for us, but it's going to be a product that says, 'Wow! Dell did that. What else does Dell have?' " he says.”

Source: BusinessWeek

Cool, huh!? Even MacBook Air could not detect nearby MacBook geeks! ;)

Well, 3 new things you can learn from BusinessWeek’s short mention of Dell Adamo XPS:
  • Adamo XPS laptop has a heat sensor and now you know why and what it’s for
  • Adamo XPS laptop has an aluminum lid and based from those two new photos that we have seen last week, perhaps the whole laptop is encased in an aluminum casing very much like the existing Dell Adamo laptops
  • Adamo XPS laptop will costs you $2,000

Dell Adamo XPS now sounds more and more like a real MacBook Air-killer, isn’t it? Ouch… :)

Via BusinessWeek (thanks, Pasta Tech)
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