MSI Wind12 U200, world's first Intel CULV-powered 12.1" notebook

Have you ever heard of MSI Wind12 U200? Probably not but you should know that it is the world's first 12.1" notebook to use Intel CULV processor.

MSI Wind12 U200, world's first Intel CULV-powered 12.1" notebook

MSI Wind12 U200, world's first Intel CULV-powered 12.1
What does it mean? Is it a big deal?

Apparently yes! By utilizing Intel CULV (Consumer Ultra Low Voltage) processors, laptop/notebook manufacturers may now produce laptops/notebooks with far superior low-power consumptions. Take a look at what MSI has done with their new MSI Wind12 U200 notebook. Once powered by a 6-cell battery pack, the notebook purportedly can run continuously for up to 6.5 hours! That’s 3 times longer that any other notebooks in its class!

Other interesting features about MSI Wind12 U200:
  • Comes with a 12.1” glittering crystal frameless screen, optimized for 16:9 aspect ratio cinema display and more than ready to play HD movies in high resolution (1366 x 768)
  • Equipped with Easy Face, a face recognition program that is developed by MSI
  • Super light, weighing only 1.4kg and MSI said that the weight is more or less similar with other 10” notebooks (bear in mind that MSI Wind12 U200 is a 12.1” notebook)

Full specification details on MSI Wind12 U200 can be found on MSI Global. Feel free to take a look.
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