Blogger secretly developing Read More/Post Summary and Spam Prevention features

Do you know that Blogger is currently secretly developing Read More/Post Summary and Spam Prevention features?

I spent about 4 hours of my precious time removing spam and link bombs (most of them have links to some stupid Indian blogs/sites) from my blog comments couple of weeks ago. The whole exercise was very frustrating and I tweeted it straight to the attention of Blogger. Never thought that they would give me a reply but somebody did and here’s what Blogger Product Manager Siobhan Quinn has said in her unexpected reply:

Blogger secretly developing Read More/Post Summary and Spam Prevention features

As you can see, Blogger is currently developing on a new comment spam prevention feature. That’s great, really great since the existing feature (word verification) offers little help in combating spam. I have no idea what exactly they’re working on right now but I will ask Siobhan for the details right after I have posted this post. Whatever it is, I hope Blogger will consider integrating Akismet with Blogger, something like what JS-Kit has done for many satisfied bloggers. Hint! Hint!

I don’t know who discovered this first (possibly BlogDude) but I read it from BloggerBuster a few days back. It seems that Blogger is also secretly (also possibly) developing on a Read More/Post Summary feature. Take a look at the following conditional tag found on a as shown in the following screenshot:

Blogger secretly developing Read More/Post Summary and Spam Prevention features

Did you see that ‘data:post.hasJumpLink’ and ‘data:post.jumpText’ Blogger Layout tags?

Those are new and officially not documented anywhere in Blogger Help. I’m not exactly sure what those new tags are for but BloggerBuster is convinced that they’re for a Read More/Post Summary feature. If that is true, bloggers on Blogger may soon dump their buggy Read More/Post Summary hacks (I’m using one too, check it out on my homepage) and replace them with Blogger’s. Hopefully Siobhan will be able to shed some light on those new Blogger Layout tags. Please wait for her responses here on this blog, should be here in the next couple of days.

Stay tuned!

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Rick Klau said...

Saidul - Thanks for your interest, it's always nice to know people are eager to see what we're working on! We aren't quite ready to talk about the specifics of what's coming, but we will definitely provide more detail in the weeks ahead. Thanks again for your support of Blogger, keep in touch!

Rick Klau
Product Manager, Blogger

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