New 15-inch MacBook Pro has 8 hours of battery life

Do you know that Apple’s new 15” MacBook Pro has an extraordinary long battery life that can go up to 8 hours and 8 minutes (Apple say it can go up to 7 hours) of continuous music-playing and web surfing?

New 15-inch MacBook Pro has 8 hours of battery life

Yes, that is what AnandTech has discovered recently after he ran some tests on his new 15” MacBook Pro but before you go bonkers and scream ‘oohhs and aahhs’; let me give you some bad news first:
  • He banged his new MacBook Pro with his display screen set at 50% brightness.
  • He surfed the web alright but only on pages that do not have Flash apps or videos.

In another word, I don’t think you can get the same results in the real world and another round of tests ran by AnandTech more or less confirms it.

In his next tests, he banged his new MacBook Pro with 10GB of downloads from the web, web browsing and movie-watching. This time around his battery went dead after 4.92 hours. I’m not impressed really (since MSI Wind U115 can go up to 25 hours) but MacBook geeks are ecstatic to hear it since it is all the proof they need to convince themselves that Apple has hugely improved MacBook Pros’ batteries (see what the improvement is all about from the following video).

Sheesh… Good news for MacBook geeks, bad news for PC geeks like me. :(
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