MacBook Air hinge defects drive owners nuts

Do you know that MacBook Air has a very irritating hinge defect that has pissed off many owners? The bad news is that such defect is not covered by Apple’s warranty!

MacBook Air hinge defects drive owners nuts

One MacBook Air owner (Haurum) was so pissed with his MacBook Air hinge defect that he made the decision to thrash/destroy his MacBook Air and let the whole world watch the destruction on YouTube!


News saying that MacBook Air hinge defects are not covered by Apple’s warranty is not entirely correct. CrashZone recently indicates that Apple has fixed his MacBook Air hinge defect. Please quote his serial number (W880634NY5) if you want to send your defective MacBook Air to Apple and let them fix yours.
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pepperdeaf said...

at least they got a macbook pro, unlike what happens at

read this article

Saidul A Shaari said...

Hi there PepperDeaf,

ChooseyYourColor is a bloody scam. Spread the news and let others know.

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