How to get 20,000+ daily visitors to your blog

Learn how to get more than 20,000 daily visitors to your blog. SEO, Social vote-buying or buying traffic via PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is not required to execute this nifty trick.

How to get 20,000+ daily visitors to your blog

I read a very interesting post yesterday and it was one hell of a post, posted by a guy who really knows his stuffs. He achieved something amazing recently, 150,000 visitors read one of his blog posts in one week! This is his amazing story.

Let’s just say that he has mastered the Art of Stealing Traffic from Popular Blogs/Sites and the tool he’s using to master the above art is something that is widely available and you can use it too. Come to think of it, it really makes sense. In order to get lots of free traffic, bloggers must learn to ‘steal’ traffic from blogs/sites that have lots of traffic (rule of thumb: lots more than yours). He has done this numerous times, getting lots of free traffic from The Wall Street Journal and Lifehacker is chicken feed to him.

So, what is the bloody tool that he’s using to get all those free traffic? Are you ready for this?

Guest posting!

He truly believes that writing guest posts on popular blogs/sites will sooner or later drives lots of free traffic to the blog of the guest poster. As matter of fact, he encourages bloggers to spend equal time on writing good content on their blogs and writing good guest postings on other blogs/sites. The magic keyword here is EQUAL TIME. Suffice to say that he doesn’t give a shit about SEO!

How to get 20,000+ daily visitors to your blog

The good news is that he has written a very detailed guide (possibly the best guide) to help you bloggers write killer guest postings. Go and read it today!
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hmm I like this is it really works ?

Saidul A Shaari said...

It should. I would never have blogged about it if it's not possible to get lots of free traffic from guest posting.

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