Free Blogger/WordPress templates have secret/invisible links

Do you know that many Blogger and WordPress templates (especially those that have been downloaded for free) have secret or hidden/invisible links?

Free Blogger/WordPress templates have secret/invisible links

This might come as a big surprise to many bloggers but the truth has to be told and it is not pretty.

I did a little research in the last few days and found that many Blogger and WordPress templates (some even belong to probloggers!) have secret or hidden/invisible links. The likelihood of finding secret or hidden/invisible links on free Blogger/WordPress templates is of course more than those that have been designed or purchased from experienced (read ethical) Blogger/WordPress template designers. I have reasons to believe that bloggers who are using templates that have secret or hidden/invisible links on them are not aware of their existence. They probably thought that everything is fine with their blogs!

The bad news is that search engines frown upon the intentional or unintentional usage of hidden/invisible texts (including links) on websites/blogs. If there are too many secret or hidden/invisible texts (links) on your website/blog, search engines may just flag your website/blog as another web spam (are you ready for penalization? ;) )

If you are worried with what I have discovered so far, please use this particular free tool (follow the following link) and see if you have any secret or hidden/invisible links on your website/blog. I would not be surprised if you find any of the following 5 hidden/invisible links on your website/blog :):
  1. Skip to main
  2. Skip to sidebar
  3. ir a principal
  4. Ir a lateral
  5. Twitter updates
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Arfan Chaudhry said...

hahaha yeah I knew that for a while =) helps them give backlinks to there websites.

Saidul A Shaari said...

Hi there Arfan...

Your first comment here! Thank you. :)

Yes, that's what they're after alright, free backlinks. But let's not ignore the possibility that those hidden/invisible links were the work of inexperienced template designers. After all, lousy design is one of their many trade marks. ;)

Klodian said...

in wordpress this is possible and is hard to remove links, but in blogger you can check and remove all links that you dont want to appear to to be in your template.

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