How to catch cheating husbands/wives

Learn how to use the stealth mobile surveillance technology to catch a cheating husband/wife. Mobile phones are required to implement this little spy trick.

How to catch cheating husbands/wives

Many agree that scandalous affairs start from those mobile phones. Phone calls, SMS and emails are just some of many tools of the trade for cheating husbands/wives. The good news is that these days’ husbands/wives can use a somewhat controversial technology to spy and monitor their spouses.

Yes, thanks to stealth mobile surveillance technology, husbands/wives can now secretly tap and monitor their spouses’ emails, SMS and phone calls! Take a look at FlexiSPY for an example, the spyphone software allows husband/wives to:
  • Secretly read all incoming and outgoing SMS on their spouses’ phones,
  • Secretly read all outgoing emails on their spouses’ phones,
  • Secretly listen to actual phone calls made by their spouses and
  • Secretly identify spouses’ present locations (FlexiSPY supports GPRS and GPS tracking) at any time of the day and night.

FlexiSPY is a very powerful (controversial as well) spy tool for husbands/wives and to use it in order to spy and monitor their spouses, users must first secretly install the spyphone software on their spouses’ phones and that’s not difficult to do. Watch the following video to know more about FlexiSPY.

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