Best Microblog/Micro-blog search engine: Twingly Microblog Search

Twingly has launched a new micro-blog/microblog search engine and it is one of the best microblog/micro-blog search engines we have today.

Best Microblog/Micro-blog search engine: Twingly Microblog Search

Best Microblog/Micro-blog search engine: Twingly Microblog Search

Yes, Twingly has finally created something that many other major search engines have failed to provide, the first complete microblog/micro-blog search engine known as Twingly Microblog Search. Twingly describes it as the first federated microblog search since they have plans to index all microblogging/micro-blogging platforms and services. As of time of writing, Twingly indexes micro-blog/microblog data from the following microblogging/micro-blogging services; Twitter, Jaiku,, Pownce, Bleeper and Bloggy.

I have given Twingly Microblog Search a quick test drive and found that search results are shown according to their freshness and recency. In another word, the latest relevant microblog/micro-blog data will get to be first. I have no complaints about that but you can be sure that some power-crazy and authority-crazy bloggers such as Michael Arrington (TechCrunch) will soon make a lot of noise about it. :)

I have been waiting for something like Twingly Microblog Search for a very long time and now I got it. Thank you, Twingly!
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