Yonkly: Create your own microblog network

Yonkly allows those hooked on microblogging create microblog networks that are very much similar with Twitter’s but Yonkly offers more winning features.

Check out Yonkly’s winning features:
  • AJAX-based
  • Users can monetize their microblog networks (they can even place Google AdSense ads)
  • Users can host their microblog networks on their own domains
  • Users can share photos
  • Users can place widgets on their sidebars

Not bad for a new internet startup but I only have one problem with Yonkly. You see, you have to pay Yonkly monthly hosting fees in order to run your own microblog network. Yonkly has three different hosting plans; Basic ($10 per month), Power ($40 per month) and Premium ($100 per month). In order to fully control ads at Yonkly, users have to opt for their Premium plan and that means forking out $40 per month! That’s sucks!

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Sorry Yonkly, you have some great winning features but your hosting plans are pretty ridiculous. I have said enough. :)
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emad said...

This is Emad founder of Yonkly and I agree with you on the pricing. We have reduced the prices DRAMATICALLY because lots of people complained about it. See our new prices at http://www.yonkly.com/home/plans


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