AdSense Alternative: Wozad’s behavioral ads

Wozad is a new Google AdSense alternative, offering behavioral ads that have higher Click-through rates than Google AdSense ads.

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That’s what Wozad claims to have, behavioral ads that have higher CTRs, up to 165% more than contextual ads such as Google AdSense (they’re kidding, right?). Wozad’s behavioral ads are based upon the Pay-Per-Click model but it is slightly different than others. Unlike other PPC ads that are based upon contextual relevance, Wozad serve ads that are based upon visitors’ surfing habits.

Wozad ads not surprisingly look and have features that are very much like Google AdSense ads. Advertisers can target customers via keywords and they can also use Wozad’s demographic, geographic and language filters to help them in their advertising campaigns. Publishers meanwhile can create and customize Wozad ads just like Google AdSense. Getting paid is another story, while Google AdSense payment threshold is $100, Wozad allows publishers to request withdrawals once their accounts have reached $50 and payment will be transferred straight into their PayPal accounts. Quite convenient!

I really have no idea how great will Wozad be compared to Google AdSense since Wozad is a new Google AdSense alternative and nobody has reported their findings so far. Wozad is unknown territory but feel free to give a try, hope it will work you.
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how to save money. said...

Great find. Adsense alternatives are hard to find. Yahoo's Publisher Network is invite only, Adbrite is good for certain niches, but terrible for others.

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