What could be better than Google Video Search and YouTube Video Search? Try Metacafe

Do you know that Metacafe offers users video search results that are much more accurate than Google video search and YouTube video search results?

Metacafe one time ago was the number one video site in the World Wide Web but they were eclipsed by YouTube (bad for children!) many years ago but surprisingly they are still around today and Metacafe is not only getting stronger but they’re also getting better too.

Thanks to Wikicafe (Metacafe’s community portal), Metacafe can perhaps one day boasts of having the best video search engine in the World Wide Web. Wikicafe is Metacafe’s editing/collaborative community portal where each members are empowered to protect Metacafe videos against keyword spamming (we have many of these at YouTube!) and vandalism. Wikicafe members are also empowered to bring down stinking videos and make improvements to existing videos. Great!

Wikicafe - Try It Out Here! - The funniest bloopers are right here

Metacafe also has a new feature that allows users to review new videos. Metacafe users can either approve or deny new videos (that have been uploaded but yet to be published) and that will make sure that only quality videos get published at Metacafe. Cool!

Top Reason Why YOU Should Be a Metacafe Reviewer - Awesome video clips here

Well done, Metacafe! Keep up the good work! If you folks keep this up, YouTube can kiss their huge video market share goodbye in the next few years. :-)

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