Yahoo Answers alternative: You can now start abusing Boomerater

This is for those Gods and Demi-gods out there who are fond of abusing and taking advantage of Yahoo Answers so that it would bring lots of traffic to their sites/blogs. Check out Boomerater, a new site for Boomers (Robin Wauters from TechCrunch described Boomers as those between the age of 44 and 62) that grants them the opportunity to exchange ideas, opinions and of course provide answers to problems/questions raised by other Boomers.

Yahoo Answers alternative, Boomerater

I have a feeling that those slick traffic-stealing Yahoo Answers experts (mostly Indians, Singaporeans & Chinese) will be eagerly monitoring Boomerater in the next few weeks. I don’t think they will do anything just yet since Boomerater did not provide users the ability to put outgoing links in their profiles. Once Boomerater provides that to their users, you can bet that those slick traffic-stealing Yahoo Answers experts will swarm Boomerater until kingdom come. :-)

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ideacoach said...

Ok, baby boomer here who wants to learn. Please explain how giving outgoing links will launch more activity from Yahoo. I know that is an SEO basic question but this boomer mind would like your perspective that may be undisclosed.
Thanks also for the "do follow" plugin, that's cool

Saidul A Shaari said...

Hi there ideacoach,

Please watch the above video that I have embedded just for you. Take note that placing outgoing links basically work the same way too. :)

Spelling said...

Interesting Article - I had never heard of Boomer. Thanks for the tip.

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