“I’m a PC” Microsoft commercials: Who is Sean Siler anyway?

We have all anticipated them and now they are here. Yes, new Microsoft commercials have gone live and no longer featuring Jerry Seinfeld. The lucky guy chosen to replace Jerry is Sean Siler. Watch all three new Microsoft commercials down below.

Special thanks to TechCrunch for making them available in the World Wide Web. You guys are great. :-)

Who is Sean Siler anyway?

He’s just another Microsoft employee; apparently he’s the IPv6 Program Manager. Check out Sean Siler's LinkedIn profile from the link that I have provided earlier.

Better than Gates & Seinfeld video ads?

I’m surprised to hear that MG Siegler from VentureBeat said that the new Microsoft ads are 10,000 times better than Gates & Seinfeld commercials. Not me, I like the Gates & Seinfeld consumer video ads better because they made me think real deep about Microsoft, their products and services. I prefer to think than being fed by ads anyway. :-)

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Maria said...

Actually the commercial is pretty good. I kinda like it. But it's isn't as funny as the mac one. lol

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