Blog Sponsorships: Get them from SponsorsForBlogs?

Would you like to get an easy $1,000 per month from blog sponsorships?

First of all, let me just say that it is more than possible to make decent of money from blog sponsorships. Just ask those well known top bloggers and they can vouch for it.

Last few weeks, I came across SponsorsForBlogs Dot Com. People behind it claim that they can help bloggers earn up to $1,000 per month from blog sponsorships and bloggers can get that extra money within 14 days.

Sounds great but I’m not at all convinced. I really don’t know what SponsorsForBlogs is all about other than the information that I have given you earlier. The whole thing sounds fishy to me.

Who is behind SponsorsForBlogs?

A quick check at WHOIS indicates that the site is registered to:
Memo hobbil
chopina 4a/20
leszczyny, 44-238
Tel: +48.914325555
Fax: +48.914325599

As you can see, SponsorsForBlogs is registered in Poland and that makes things even more suspicious.

Is it for real or just another bloody scam to get unsuspecting people to leave their email addresses at SponsorsForBlogs?

There’s only one way to find out. Feel free to contact SponsorsForBlogs and ask them. :-)
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sloppy said...

it really sounds too good to be true

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