Believability Meter: RealScoop has a built-in lie detector?

Do you know that RealScoop has a built-in lie detector?

Well, those folks over at RealScoop never did say that they have a built-in lie detector but what they have right now sure looks like one. I’m talking about their Beliavability Meter, a feature that analyzes voices and rate their credibility/believability.
RealScoop uses the world’s leading voice analysis technology (not voice stress analysis), to rate the believability of people’s statements. The results are displayed through our Believability Meter that is synchronized to video and audio content.

The Believability Meter utilizes analyzes over 100 vocal elements of the human voice and performs over 1,000 calculations per second. It is widely used in various industries including law enforcement.

Source: RealScoop

You can see RealScoop’s Beliavability Meter in action down as it analyzes Governor Sarah Palin’s responses to the infamous Palin Trooper Scandal allegations.

Now that I have seen RealScoop’s Beliavability Meter in action, I could not help wondering why RealScoop wanted to use such technology on their social network. Don’t they realize that such technology could give them serious repercussions in the near future?

Don Reisinger from TechCrunch meanwhile is not at all impressed with RealScoop’s Beliavability Meter.
I watched a few of the videos on the site and found it questionable, to say the least. Maybe there is some real evidence to prove that this sort of technology can tell if a person is lying or not, but let’s face it — there’s no way to prove it and I’m not sure, after watching the videos, how a person can go from believable to questionable by uttering a few simple phrases like “uh.”

Source: TechCrunch

Sorry Don but I can see that a lot of people are actually quite happy with RealScoop’s Beliavability Meter. Many didn’t even bother to question the accuracy of the technology behind RealScoop’s Beliavability Meter. Nobody cares really since they only want to hear sensationalism and RealScoop’s Beliavability Meter can give them just that! :-)

Unlike Don Reisinger, I believe RealScoop has a real winner in their hands. RealScoop’s Beliavability Meter might piss off those being metered but many other people will have lots of fun with it. Kudos to RealScoop for coming up with such a brilliant idea for their social network. Well done!

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