Adroll: Who says low traffic sites cannot make good money online?

Do you know that low traffic web sites (including blogs) can make good money from online advertising, just like those big well known web sites and blogs?

Yes, low traffic web sites and blogs can now make more money from online advertising but publishers (webmasters & bloggers) could not simply go and ask big advertising agencies to take a look at their web sites and blogs. Let Adroll do that for you: lets publishers "connect" through a social network-style matching system to "roll-up" their ad space into highly targeted packages that advertisers can buy across. By allowing publishers to group their ad space together, gives advertisers a way to find relevant publishers (and appropriately targeted audiences) that they might not otherwise discover, in an open marketplace.

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Adroll: How does it work?

I knew all about Adroll for a very long time but I was skeptical. I thought that Adroll would not be able to go far but I changed my mind after reading Matt Marshall’s (from VentureBeat) post earlier today. It seems that Adroll has just received funding ($2 million to $8 million) from Merus Capital (venture capital firm). If companies such as Merus Capital are willing to spend that much money on Adroll, it only means that Adroll has something great going on and they have faith in Adroll. That’s good enough for me!

I’m going to give Adroll a try very soon. If you have any experience (good or bad, doesn’t matter) with Adroll, please share them with me. I would love to hear your feedbacks (honest feedbacks please).

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