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There is a brand new social news bookmarking site on the block known as Veritocracy and it allows you to syndicate and add your very own content.

We built Veritocracy to enhance the value of online content for both readers and writers. Despite all of the progress that has been made in this space in recent years, there is still far too much noise. Finding the best perspectives on a single news story today can be a difficult challenge. Finding the news stories that interest you, not everyone else, can be even more challenging. Publishers, meanwhile, still lack a truly meritocratic platform that will deliver their content to the readers that are most likely to enjoy it.

Source: Veritocracy

Don Reisinger from TechCrunch has given Veritocracy a quick try and let us see what he has to say about it:
…After trying it for a while, it quickly becomes apparent that if users find reasons to use this site and the company can deliver on its lofty promises, Veritocracy could become a destination for news junkies…

Source: TechCrunch

I have also given Veritocracy a quick peek just now and found that the site has some annoying bugs (seen on IE7), giving me little opportunity to explore Veritocracy further. I guess I just have to trust Don’s words for now.

In the meantime, feel free to submit your RSS feed to Veritocracy today and hope for the best. Who knows, Veritocracy just might give you the much needed boost for your blog.

Bad news for Google Chrome

Veritocracy only works on Firefox, IE and Safari! Damn!

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Lee Hoffman said...

Saidul, we're not aware of any outstanding IE7 bugs. If you've found one please let us know and we'll happily address it. We also added Chrome support over the weekend.

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