Ubiquity for Firefox: Controlling the Web with language

Would you like to learn a new Firefox command development API (codes!) that would let you control Firefox (I hope you are using one) with language-based commands typed from your keyboard?

I won’t be surprised if the idea sounds so strange and alien to you. It took me hours to really understand what this is all about and the following video does helped me a lot. Please watch it now.

Ubiquity is truly out of this world! If this new concept really takes off, you can bet that it would change and revolutionize the way we use web browsers today!
Ubiquity’s interface goal is to enable the user to instruct the browser (by typing, speaking, using language) what they want to do.

Source: Aza’s Thoughts

I was a full time programmer once and the coder inside me is telling me to download Ubiquity 0.1 and have some fun. I hope that you would be interested in playing around with Ubiquity like I do. Before we do that, make sure that you have Mercurial and Python installed on your system. Ubiquity won’t run without them.

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Atul said...

Thanks for the post! Just so you know, though, Mercurial and Python are only required if you want to get the latest cutting-edge version of Ubiquity from our source code repository. You should be able to install version 0.1 without having either of those. :)

Saidul A Shaari said...


Thanks for correcting the misunderstanding.

I'm playing with Ubiquity 0.1 right now but I guess I need more time to understand it.

Atul said...

Sounds good--if you need any help with anything, please feel free to join our support forum or join us on #labs at irc.mozilla.org.

Patty said...

Sounds pretty cool...does it work with Flock and other browsers yet?

Thanks for sharing the post homebiss ☺

Saidul A Shaari said...

Hi there Patty,

Thanks for visiting.

Hates to say this but Ubiquity is only for Firefox for the time being. I do hope that Mozilla Labs will extend Ubiquity to some other web browsers soon.

Hope they're listening.

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