Apple Sucks, do you know that?

I had a big laugh earlier today; it was right after reading Michael Arrington’s sensational thrashing of the big old Apple and their well known products.

Michael is not very happy with Apple. He has bought many Apple’s products (Mac Mini, Macbook Air etc.) and most of them gave him plenty of software and hardware problems.

Why I am not surprised? Ha ha…

I never did like Apple (their iPhone is one big exception). When my friends bought some new Macs, I just make them happy by saying a lot of Oohhs… and Aahhs… but deep inside, I know that they were looking for trouble. :-)

Just stick with Windows, folks. Look at me; I’m in the process of getting a brand new Studio Hybrid desktop from Dell. It is cheap and Dell’s excellent support is second to none.

What more do you need? Apple? No thanks baby…

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Anonymous said...

Oh had me right until your dissing of Apple led us to Dell, in your article. Oohh, I see why you think Dell, has great customer service. Well, for the rest of us that don't have your inside track to their new customer service out sourcing, we should stick with ANYONE but Dell.

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