Acer Aspire One: Low in Memory & Poor Battery Life?

Acer Aspire One, Netbook, Notebook, Laptop

Let’s take a quick look at Aspire One, a brand new netbook from Acer with a price range of $379.00 to $389.99.

At one glance, Acer Aspire One does look cool and the latest comes in 4 different shell colors; Seashell White, Sapphire Blue, Coral Pink and Golden Brown (I like that). Refreshing!
Acer Aspire One features
  • Runs on Intel Atom 1.6GHz
  • 512MB onboard SDRAM (upgradeable to 1GB/1.5GB)
  • 8.9” WSVGA LCD screen
  • 8GB SSD or 120GB HDD
Acer Aspire One price ranges looks reasonable and I’m quite happy with it. CNET editors however are not happy with its standard 512MB onboard RAM and poor battery life, prompting them to give Acer Aspire One a poor 6.2/10 rating.

Take a look at their review in video down below.

Edited on August 23rd 2008 11:45 PM:

I have wonderful news. Acer has slashed the price of their Aspire One!

Aspire One (AOA150-1570) that comes bundled with Windows XP Home will now retail for a very low $349 while the one bundled with Linpus Linux Lite is now priced at $329!

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Dzof said...

It's amazing how your report on the CNet review makes it sound negative, when their actual conclusion is that "The One is one of the best devices in its category and represents great value for money".

Anonymous said...

Lolz, your right, but you do need to love this little UMPC. I believe these new mini laptops are a start to a new era.

Anonymous said...

Yea and they Changed some stuff. It has 1GB of Ram now and a longer battery life! Its really only for internet and documents, but you can do alot with it if you tried!

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