WordPress Plugin that makes money & drives traffic to your blog

It looks like we have a new WordPress Plugin this week. Something that can make money for bloggers blogging on WordPress blogging platform and drives traffic to their blogs!

Tell me more about this money-making & traffic-driving WordPress Plugin

I can’t really say much about it since I have never tried it out before. Besides, I don’t have blogs on WordPress anyway! I’m comfortable with Blogger and I’m sticking with it. :-)

All I know is that it takes advantage of Twitter, a very popular micro-blogging platform.

How can it drive traffic to my WordPress blogs?

This new WordPress plugin will automatically post updates to your Twitter whenever you update or publish your blog posts. That automation is supposed to drive traffic originating from Twitter to your blog.

How can it make money for bloggers on WordPress?

I have to be honest with you folks. This new WordPress plugin is created by a bunch of internet marketers. You should know what to expect from them! :-)

Let’s just say that bloggers that use this new WordPress plugin will have their unique affiliate IDs on their sidebar widgets. All bloggers on WordPress can use this new WordPress plugin because it is free. As people join the site that offers this new WordPress plugin through your affiliate link, they will be presented with some offers and you will receive commissions when they buy!

My thoughts on this money-making & traffic-driving WordPress plugin

The whole thing is a bloody good idea! Pure genius!

However, it will only work if you already have hordes of followers following your Twitter. If you have none, you might as well forget it. :-)

I do have some concerns about this new WordPress plugin. Doesn’t it sound like a nasty little spamming machine to you?

How much do I have to pay to get this money-making & traffic-driving WordPress plugin?

Nothing! Just like what I have said earlier. It is totally free! Go and grab it today if you like!

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Anonymous said...

Why not just use twitterfeed.com and drop the plugin? It's also non-WordPress specific.

Unknown said...

Hi there Thaya,

Sure, people can use TwitterFeed to feed their blogs to Twitter but there's one thing that TwitterFeed cannot do, it cannot make money for them. This new WordPress plugin can do both. :-)

That’s why I give it a special mention here in this post.

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