MSI Wind, the world’s latest netbook

Looks like MSI has a brand new netbook launched yesterday, MSI Wind.

Over in Singapore, I can see that many Singaporeans are fond of using netbooks but not here in Malaysia. I guess the idea of having a low-cost or scaled-down notebook is yet to catch on here.

I’m a home based business entrepreneur and an online money maker that is always on the move. There are times when I feel that my bulky but tough IBM Thinkpad notebook is not at all handy. Sure, netbooks look nice and should be great for people like me. Netbooks are small and pretty light but their prices are simply ridiculous!

I tried to find some bargains on eBay long time ago but failed to secure any good deals there. I gave up soon after and stick with my loyal IBM Thinkpad till this very day. Sorry MSI, I won’t be going gaga over your new MSI Wind. :-)

Edited on August 9th 2008:

LiewCF Dot Com came up with some good price ranges for Asus Eee PC and MSI Wind in Malaysia. RM1,899 for one MSI Wind on Windows XP!? WTF!? That’s ridiculous!
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Kamigoroshi said...

Prices are ridiculous? Aren't they supposed to be dirt cheap? That's why I have the hallmark of the low, the original EeePC 701. I still use it on a daily basis. The most awesome investment I've ever made.

Unknown said...

Hello there Kamigoroshi,

I noticed that you're from Australia. I supposed netbooks are cheap over there but not here in Malaysia.

Nothing is cheap over here. :-)

Anonymous said...

oh yeah? try it here in Ireland. If its 400USD in the US, its 400Euro here. 1:1 conversion. just crazy prices here. i'll still cling on to my pocketpc for checking mails on the move, and old, noisy but dependable Asus A2d for some heavy stuff.

Anonymous said...

i have an MSI U100, love it despite the battery life. but i agree, the prices on netbooks some are reaching as close as notebooks

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