More free Internet Marketing & online money making products for Malaysians this weekend

Alright Malaysians, you have more great opportunities to download great internet marketing and online money making products and resources this fine weekend.

You have not one but two internet marketing giveaway events that are giving out hundreds of free internet marketing products and resources! The good news is that some of the free products and resources come with PLRs (Private Label Rights) and MRRs (Master Resell Rights), meaning that you can rebrand such products and turn them into your own! You can do whatever you want with them.

Haven’t you noticed that I’m the only Malaysian online money maker that is asking you to download great free online money making products?

Do you want to know why other so called Malaysian Internet Gurus didn’t say anything about internet marketing giveaway events?

The answer is simple. They knew about internet marketing giveaway events alright but they don’t want you to know about it. They are bloody selfish and they want to turn all those great free products and resources into their own and then sell them at ridiculous prices to you unsuspecting Malaysians! :-)

I make money online in some other better ways and my target market is definitely not Malaysia. However, I do want Malaysians to start looking at the internet in a different way. Look at it as a great way to make money, lots of money online. It is not entirely impossible but you will never know until you yourself give it a shot.

Now, go and download hundreds of great internet marketing and online money making products and resources from the following two giveaway events. Do some readings, practice what you just learned and put them into action! Go!

Updated: Giveaway has long ended.
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