LiewCF Dot Com is earning more than $2,800 from Google AdSense

LiewCF Dot Com gave us some clues about its current Google AdSense earnings on the 19th of July 2008. It turns out that LiewCF Dot Com’s last monthly Google AdSense earning was more than $2,800. I’m quite surprised to hear that and I will share you folks what I find strange about it.

What the heck is LiewCF Dot Com?

It is a top Malaysian blog maintained by a full time male Malaysian ProBlogger.

What is so strange about LiewCF Dot Com making more than $2,800?

LiewCF Dot Com gave us the impression that his Google AdSense earnings have increased substantially in the last few months.

What I find strange about this is the fact that LiewCF Dot Com’s Alexa traffic ranking has gone down significantly in the last few months. Theoretically, his Google AdSense earnings should not have an upward trend!

Liewcf, Google AdSense earnings, Alexa traffic rankings

Well, perhaps he is getting some great targeted traffic this time. That could explain his big Google AdSense payout. Whatever it is, congratulations LiewCF Dot Com!

This is proof that attempts to make money from Google AdSense are stupid

Now, I want you aspiring bloggers and webmasters who want to make money from Google AdSense take a good close look at LiewCF Dot Com’s stats and figures.

Do a WHOIS query on LiewCF Dot Com and you should have the following data:
  • Domain was registered on the 1st of March 2004.
  • Has an Alexa traffic ranking of 19,910 (as of time of writing).
Liewcf, Creation date, History
Liewcf, July 2008, Alexa traffic ranking

Take a load of this, Google AdSense suckers!

It took years, possibly 2 to 3 years for LiewCF Dot Com to earn more than $2,000 per month from Google AdSense. If that is not enough to open your dreamy eyes, remember that LiewCF Dot Com has to be in the world’s top 20,000 sites to do that!

Do you really think that you have the patience to run a website or do blogging for more than 2 years?

Do you really think that your site or your blog could even be in the list of the world’s top 20,000 sites?

You folks should face the bloody truth today! You just cannot do it!

This is why I believe that those who attempt to make money solely from Google AdSense are stupid. Do something better for crying out loud. Go out there and do some real online business. You can easily make more money than LiewCF Dot Com’s $2,800 earnings from Google AdSense in a much shorter period of time :-)
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