Knol: Show off your expertise & make more money

I got good news for you folks. Knol, a little web authoring tool that Google has been testing in the last few months with their selected lucky guests is now open for everybody!

What the heck is Knol?

I’m still trying to figure it out but let’s say that it is online web authoring tool that experts can use to stamp their authority and share their expertise online.

Check this out! According to Google, a Knol stands for a unit of knowledge!


Knol, A unit of knowledge, Google AdSense,

Can I pretend to be an expert on something at Knol?

Forget it, mate! Knol is for genuine experts only and they are encouraged to reveal their true identities online.

Can I make money from Knol?

I really don’t know but the chances of making considerable amount of money from Knol are there. Knol allows authors to place Google AdSense ads but they will not be able to get every penny from it. They have to share their Google AdSense earnings with Google. This goes to show that Google has high hopes for their new online web authoring tool!

My thoughts on Knol

Google has a big winner here. Something that can help internet users finds the right kind of experts to help them solve their problems. The World Wide Web has grown so much in the last 10 years and today we have too many self-proclaimed experts in almost everything!

Knol maybe just what we need to stop such nonsense! Well done, Google!
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