Entrecard can kill your Google AdSense earnings

Do you know that Entrecard can actually kill your Google AdSense earnings?

Entrecard can kill your Google AdSense earnings

I noticed that some bloggers have been discussing about the big possibility that Entrecard may have killed their Google AdSense earnings. Many of them reported of seeing low CTRs and CPCs after they have joined Entrecard, something that has never happened to them before.

What is Entrecard?

It is just another silly traffic exchange program. Each member has his or her very own business card and members can use them to buy or exchange traffic with one another.

Is it possible that Entrecard was the cause of their low Google AdSense earnings?

Yes, it is possible. Let’s take a look at what Google has said about traffic exchange programs:
“…strictly prohibit any means of artificially generating ad impressions or clicks, including third-party services such as paid-to-click, paid-to-surf, auto-surf, and click-exchange programs. These programs offer incentives for users to view web pages or click on ads, resulting in activity that is harmful to our advertisers.”
Source: Inside AdSense Blog

Google AdSense publishers who participated in traffic exchange programs such as Entrecard may have been slapped by Google. Ever heard of Smart Pricing (SmartPricing for some folks)?

What can you learn from this post today?

I know many Google AdSense publishers could not wait to make more money from Google AdSense and they are willing to put their accounts at risk by joining numerous traffic exchange programs but I hope you folks have learned something from this post today.

If you wish to make good money with Google AdSense, make sure that you follow their policies and TOS at all times. In the context of this post today, please avoid all those traffic exchange programs at all costs. :-)

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the soul of japan said...

I've never made any real money from Google Adsense anyway. Unless you get tons of hits would be the only way to make any money through google adsense.

Lionel Houde said...

Yikes. I was just on the edge of adding it to my Second Life blog... thanks for the warning. I'm tantalizingly close to my first $100 so if I had to drag anchor for a few more months I would have hated life.

Kate Burton said...

I've been on entrecard for a couple of months and have not seen a problem, although my traffic rate is not high enough that I think it would be an issue. Thanks for the information.

ComputerAid said...

Utter rubbish!

Entrecard made absolutely no difference to my adsense earnings

Sure: traffic increased, but it wasn't "good" traffic, so the CTR went down... but the actual $ stayed the same.

Unknown said...


Utter rubbish eh... :)

You have your opinion and I have mine. Mine says Entrecard does more than lowering AdSense CTRs, it can also kill affiliate programs. Entrecard does not bring targeted traffic which we sorely need to monetize our sites.

Remember that, buddy. ;)

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