Blogging for money on your own blog is stupid

No doubt that many self-proclaimed Blogging Gurus will not be happy with what I’m about to say here today but I’m an honest blogger and I will share my honest opinion with the whole world whether they will like it or not. :-)

How long have I been blogging?

I have been blogging regularly (not furiously like some folks) on a number of blogs for more than one year now and today I can safely conclude that blogging for money on your own blog is really a stupid thing to do. I’m not at all surprised since I have always known that blogging for money is not worth it. That is why I decided to start blogging just for the fun of it on free blogging platforms such as Blogger even though I can afford to buy my own domains and pay for my own web hostings. Today, I’m glad that I have made the right decision! :-)

Why do I say that blogging for money on your own blog is stupid?

It’s not that I’m not making money from my blogs. I do make decent amount of money from my blogs, I can say that I can earn a minimum of US1,000 dollars from them all but since I’m a full time affiliate marketer and a home based business entrepreneur who is used to making more money from affiliate marketing and other types of online businesses, I can really say that blogging for money is a total waste of time. :-)

3 Top reasons why blogging for money on your own blog is stupid
  1. Blogging for money on your own blog takes too much time. It will take you months and possibly years before you can make good money from blogging. I’m an affiliate marketer and I can easily make good money online in just 24 hours! Bloggers can never do that!
  2. There are millions of other blogs in the blogosphere and almost all good money-making niches have been monopolized by other blogs. It would take you years to outrank them in search engines rankings!
  3. I don’t know the exact number but I do believe that many, too many top bloggers resorted to link-buying (simply despicable!) to improve their blogs’ search engines rankings. They spent lots of money to stay on top while you keep on blogging on your sorry blog like an idiot. How do I know this? Easy, and you can check on this yourself. Do a link search (link:URL of top blog) on a specific top blog that you know of. Sort the link search results according to dates, years and then check the last or oldest 1000 or 500 results. You will probably see a common pattern there, a pattern that indicates that the top blog has ran some despicable link-buying campaigns targeting their so called strong keywords. :-)
My message to those cheating-top ProBloggers

You folks are shameless bullshit! Especially those that went around town telling everybody that link-buying is bad and portrayed themselves as ethical ProBloggers to the rest of the world!

Ethical top ProBloggers my a$$! You folks are nothing but hypocrites!

My message to those who wants to blog for good money

Sure, you can continue to blog even though I said that blogging for money on your own blog is stupid. You can continue to blog but you should consider blogging on some other popular blogs or websites. Go and find some good high-paying blogging jobs!

My message to those bloggers who really want to make good money online

Stop blogging or stop spending too much time blogging and concentrate on some other better online money making options!

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