Can Malaysian bloggers make money from MalaysiaKini?

Certain Malaysian bloggers who noticed that one of my other blogs is featured quite frequently on the home page of MalaysiaKini created wild assumptions that I made a lot of money from that blog. Today’s post is going to correct those wild stories for good.

On the contrary, I did not make that much money even though my blog is featured on MalaysiaKini’s home page. Sure, I got loads of traffic from MalaysiaKini but I’m not making any money from them.

There is one important thing that you have to understand about those who visited MalaysiaKini and many other socio-political blogs. Majority of them are people with extreme hatred for something. Their object of hatred could be our Malaysian government or Malaysian political figures. Whatever it is, they are curious site visitors that are looking for sensational stories, stories that would enable them to vent their anger and frustrations by leaving nasty comments here and there.

When people are angry about something or someone, do you think that they would bother to read your Google AdSense ads or follow your affiliate links?

Certainly not!

There is one particular period however where I made a lot money whenever my blog posts got featured on MalaysiaKini. It was a month or two before the 2008 Malaysian General Election. During those periods, my Google AdSense earnings hit well over US$30.00 a day!

That was because some of our well known Malaysian politicians such as Anwar Ibrahim had used Google AdWords to place ads about their political promises and propagandas. Their Google AdWords ads would eventually appear as Google AdSense ads on Malaysian blogs like my socio-political blog.

So, I hate to say that there is no such thing as generating loads of money from traffic coming from MalaysiaKini. On boring days like today, I can say that nobody will make lots of money from traffic generated through MalaysiaKini. That is a fact!

Please bear in mind that MalaysiaKini doesn’t like spammers who take advantage of their precious ‘MalaysiaKini’ keyword. So please do not attempt to make money out of it. You can blog about MalaysiaKini’s articles if and only when you have something really good to share with them. If it’s good enough, MalaysiaKini will take notice and feature your stories on their home page. Traffic will naturally come after that. :-)


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