Secrets known by successful Google AdWords campaigners are finally revealed!

Heads up fellow home based business entrepreneurs and online money makers working from home, if you’ve ever tried using Google’s AdWords program to get traffic for your website, you should know the big ugly truth.

It can cost you lots of money!

It’s a little ridiculous, really. Unless you know what you’re doing, you’ll end up paying lots of money that later kills your profits!

That’s the side of AdWords the “expert” never tell you. They make your eyes bulge out when they tell you they made $50,000 or something, but they conveniently leave out that they paid Google $45,000 for it.

That’s because Google stacks the deck against you. Sad, but true!

Well, Andrew and Steven show you how to mark the deck and slap Google silly. They’re doing it themselves, and they’ve put it all in a simple, step-by-step guide.

Their easy-to-use, rapid-results guide helps you:
  • Crack the Google “code” that literally enslaves you to a multi-billion dollar company that robs people blind
  • Start running AdWords campaigns that spew profits on almost complete autopilot
  • Exploit the “insider” secrets that let Andrew and Steven pick Google’s pockets with impunity

If you’re tired of bumping up your keyword bids and just praying that helps you start seeing profit...

If you’re sick of guessing at keywords that maybe, just maybe, will work this time...

If you’re weary of waiting for any cash to come in at all...

Google Magic Formula is exactly what you need.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn in this monster:
  • The right way to avoid choosing bum Google will stop stealing your profits
  • How you can make heaping piles of cash without even owning your own website. (yes, it’s possible)
  • Exactly how to use the power of psychological triggers to make your ads irresistible (it’s like taking candy from a baby)
  • The “magic” trick PPC experts use to crush everybody else when they bid for keywords (this gives you an unbelievable competitive advantage)
  • Advanced tactics that are fresh and powerful for 2008, not the tired old stuff that doesn’t work anymore

And that’s just the beginning, folks! This is one of the meatiest, most practical guides I’ve seen on this subject. The bottom line is that being on the first page of Google simply isn’t enough anymore. And starting “slow and steady” will actually get you killed.

But if you do what Andrew and Steven tells you to do, financial freedom really could be literally a few clicks away. This is the ultimate marketing guide for 2008, so I urge you to race here and add it to your arsenal today!

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