Free $25 for joining ShopZilla Publisher Program?

Yes! It’s true! Good news fellow home based business entrepreneurs and online money makers working from home.

You may be familiar with Shopzilla as a price comparison site. They are known for providing great tools for online shoppers seeking the best value on a full range of products and publishers have been waiting for them to create a publisher program that would pay people like you and me to put their ads on our sites.

Our wishes have come true!

The folks at Shopzilla have opened up their publisher program and they are looking for new publishers. Shopzilla provides a catalog of thousands of products in just about every major category imaginable. When you sign up as a Shopzilla publisher you can put code on your site and have products related to your site display.

You know the drill. When a visitor to your site clicks on one of these products, Shopzilla will pay you! And it gets better. I’m sure you folks have heard of Joel Comm, he’s one of the most successful internet marketers in the world today. Guess what, folks. Joel Comm has negotiated a special arrangement for his regular readers.

He told Shopzilla that his membership was packed with serious publishers who want to make more money with their websites. When you follow the following special link, Shopzilla will INSTANTLY pay you $25 for signing up as a new publisher! Yes folks, that's $25 just for filling out the form and being accepted as a Shopzilla publisher.

Grab it today, folks!

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