Four great products with Master Resell Rights!

Fellow home based business entrepreneurs and online money makers working from home, how would you like have some 4 products that consist of tools for marketing and 30 mini site templates with 101 graphic transparencies?

All of them come with master resell rights and one with Private Label Rights so you can turn around and sell them from your own site and keep 100% of the profit.

All marketers like tools to make there job easier, and that is what I have for you.


CB Niche Builder

If you are an affiliate and you use Clickbank, this is a tool that will save you tons of time.

Let's say you have a blog on spyware and you need to find some high pay out affiliate products for your visitors.

Well this software will allow you to search the Clickbank database and it will find all the products you want with your keyword and displays them with the commissions paid, % commissions paid, % sales by referrals and more.

Now you can sort and choose the products you want to promote.

You can add the Clickbank products to any page you want by adding a token to the page and copying the html to the software interface.

Don't worry if this sounds complicated, it's not, it's very simple to use and you have video tutorials on exactly how to use the software with an example.

You also receive five web site templates to use if you like. This is a very good tool for affiliate marketing with Clickbank.



Have you ever lost an affiliate/membership login and password or can't remember your password, username, or login url?

I am sure your answer is yes, I know I have, many times. Well you do not have to worry any more.

Passwordsaver will allow you to insert the password, username and where it's used. The interface is also password protected so no one else can access your information saved.

You can also export your saved data to a text file.

No more lost urls, usernames or passwords. All your data is at your finger tips in one easy to use password protect software interface.


The Bribe Machine

I am sure you know social marketing is very big these days.

So I have for you a very easy to use web site script that will generate traffic though ethical bribes.

What do I mean by ethical bribes?

Well the user votes for your site using Stumbleupon.

Than the user is sent to a gift/discount page you set up. When voted, your site will appear in the users’ Stumbleupon account favorites. How cool is that?

Now, how is this done using Digg Social Site?

All you do is set up the Digg urls the user needs to Digg in order to get your gift/discount and once the user diggs these sites, theses sites get a better ranking, so you try to set up your Digg sites for them to digg.

It's a win, win for you and the user.


30 Mini Site Templates with 101 Graphic Transparencies

You will receive 30 professional mini site templates & 101 graphic transparencies.

These Templates will:

Eliminate the high cost of hiring a professional mini site designer.

Catch your web site visitor's attention immediately, making a positive "first contact impression".

Instantly make your web site look completely professional.

Guess what, you also have Private label rights so you can change them any way you like. You also have 101 images to add or replace graphics in the headers & footers.

This is truly a time & money saving package and the best part is that you will save big time.

But you should act quickly as the price goes up $ 0.05 every 1/2 hour. Grab them today!

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