My Google AdSense earnings increased by more than 400%!

No joke! I was quite surprised myself!

It all started when my cousin asked me to design a template for his new sports blog. He didn’t like blogs with black backgrounds like I do, so he asked me to design one with a typical white background, blue for link color and black for text. Yes, that’s a typical color scheme for any websites or blogs. I did as he had requested and gave him his new blog template a few days later. I’m fond of the color of black and I use templates with black background for all of my blogs but I was curious and eager to see if blogs with white background can make more money from Google AdSense. I have heard stories from people but I would like to see the results with my own eyes. So I talked to my cousin about it and he allowed me to temporarily place my Google AdSense ads on his new blog for a couple of weeks.

You know what I had discovered then?

My Google AdSense earnings increased by at least 200% on his new blog! Man, I was pleasantly surprised alright!

You know what I did shortly after that?

Ha! Ha! I quickly designed new templates for my existing blogs and replaced my old blog templates (with black background) with the new ones. :-) I also placed more Google AdSense ads since the new template allows me to place more ads.

You know what happened next?

Compared to previous earnings, my current Google AdSense earnings are now 400% more and it is climbing each day!

How to increase Google AdSense earnings

I’ll make this plain and simple:
  • Stick with common website/blog layouts and colors. White for background, blue for link and black for text.
  • Put more Google AdSense ads and make sure that it is within the TOS.

Good luck!

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