Little known ugly facts about Smorty


Mention Smorty and many boggers out there should know what they are all about. Yes, Smorty is all about paid blogging opportunities to bloggers like me. :-)

I was quite happy with Smorty all the while and I especially like their fast payouts. Well, that was then. Suddenly I noticed that Smorty has very few opportunities and when I added new blogs to my blogging account, Smorty offers me the same old opportunities all over again. Suffice to say that I’m beginning to smell a rat somewhere.

So folks, I did a investigation of my own on Smorty over at WHOIS database and to my surprise, I found that Smorty’s domain was actually registered to Ashop Commerce (AshopCommerce Dot Com)! No wonder bloggers on Smorty receive opportunities to blog about Ashop! Damn!

My hunch told me that this is only the tip of the iceberg and prompts me to continue snooping. I checked on one other site known as Pro360 Dot Com (related with online gambling) that is featured quite frequently as a paid-opportunity on Smorty. Ha! Ha! I’m not at all surprised that time when I found that Pro360 was also registered to Ashop Commerce!

Well now, what does this mean to bloggers on Smorty now?

Easy folks! If you think that you can go far with Smorty, please do a lot of thinking all over again! Personally, I don’t think those people behind Smorty are serious about running a good paid-to-blog site. They probably have their interests elsewhere!

Better concentrate more on good paid-to-blog sites such as PayPerPost, folks!
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Jonathan said...

Sorry ... I think you should read my post on Smorty.

I wouldn't recommend ANYONE to Smorty and I am not the only one that feels that way.

Tori Thompson said...

Hi, great post! I still don't think we can call Smorty a "scam". Smorty DOES pay. Maybe the owner of Smorty had every intention of using Smorty to promote his own sites as well as hundreds of other sites and just fell very short when it came time to recruit other advertisers - who really knows.

Once again, great article!

No Police State Girl said...

Wow, what an investigative article you wrote. I am wondering if Smorty pays or not as I wrote several posts for them and have not gotten paid in over a month, though I have gotten paid from them in the past.

Anonymous said...

I was looking into Smorty for my blog and went to their site to find out more. Their "case study" is AShop... which rubs me wrong since we now know that they own Smorty, too. Thanks for your article, I'm going to pass on them for now.

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