IZEARanks Dot Com = Bad news for blogs with low traffic?

Probably folks!

I’m sure bloggers out there know that we have a new blog ranking system launched through IZEARanks Dot Com recently. The new blog ranking system is known as RealRank and it has been around for quiet some time working in tandem with other IZEA sites such as PayPerPost and SocialSpark. Bloggers especially those that are fond of making money through PayPerPost should know that RealRank weighs blogs 70% on daily unique visitors, 20% by daily active inbound links and 10% by daily page views.

All this while, PPP Posties (bloggers doing paid blogging on PayPerPost) were ranked simply by their existing Alexa and Google Page Rank rankings. Advertisers on PayPerPost were quite fond of targeting blogs with high Google Page Rank even if those blogs have poor Alexa ranking. Bloggers with low traffic blogs but have high Google Page Rank rankings were of course happy with that since such preference gives low traffic blogs the opportunity to grab money-making opportunities on PayPerPost.

Well, that was before the official launch of IZEARanks Dot Com and their new blog ranking system. It is only a matter of time before PayPerPost will ‘force’ advertisers to abandon their reliance upon Alexa and Google Page Rank rankings and go for RealRank. I foresee that things will go all wrong for blogs with low traffic on PayPerPost in the next few months. Such blogs may receive lesser or zero money-making opportunities on PayPerPost!

To make things go even worst, IZEARanks Dot Com announced that they will launch another new set of blog ranking system known as ROIRank (something to do with Return of Investment) later this month. This new blog ranking system would not benefit low traffic blogs at all! Trust me. It’s those advertisers banking on PayPerPost to deliver their advertising campaigns that would reap full benefits from this new blog ranking system.

I have a number of low traffic blogs on PayPerPost at the moment and I’m really concerned about this. I sincerely hope that my fears were unwarranted. Only time will tell whether or not such things would happened to low traffic blogs. In the mean time, expect the worst, folks!
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ted murphy said...

I hope I answered your question here:


Gordon said...

Hi Saidul,

Thanks for inviting us to comment about this post.

I think your concerns are addressed in a post that Ted Murphy made on our (IZEA) community blog:


I hope this helps.

Manager, Customer Love

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