Worldwide Franchise Opportunity – EASI or Energy Automation Systems Inc

This fascinating franchise should be of great interest to every electrical or energy technicians and engineers the world over. The franchisor is based in Hendersonville, Tennessee and they have been around ever since 1978. They are well known in the US as a specialized outfit on conserving energy!

As a franchisee, your job is more like a field EASI energy consultant but you do not have to do everything on your own thankfully. All you need to do is to use their fancy gadgets to collate testing data from your customers and then you only have to forward your findings back to EASI. Their experienced staff would evaluate the received data and come out with an electrical saving or conservation plan that would best benefit the client. Simple, isn’t it? By the way, you can do this right from the comfort of your home! A perfect home based business opportunity!

Every public and private facility is using electricity and you can imagine yourself the potential of this particular franchise on your own. What makes this franchise stand taller than the rest is the fact that it can help customers to save as much as 30% or higher on their electrical bills! That’s a huge saving and every building or plant managers would sure be interested in this amazing energy conservation solution system! EASI is indeed the best franchising opportunity in this particular field.

EASI has two types of franchising dealerships, Entry and Full. You have to fork out quite a fortune all right but it is all worth it after considering the potential of this particular franchise. You would have to fork out US35, 000 for Entry type dealership and US40, 000 for Full. If you are interested, feel free to contact EASI on your own. The contact information is there on the interactive map that I have provided down below. Please click on the blue iconic marker for more details.

I have been searching for opportunities in the franchising world for many years now but did not quite find something that would make me say ‘Eureka!’ However, EASI did but unfortunately it would not be easy for me to find that minimum 35k. What a bummer!

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leftyrog said...

I'm in the process of looking at this company and it is appealing.I'm also looking at another co. called Enercon Intl that seems to do the same thing.I'm getting as much info about each and comparing the two.Take a look at Enercon and let me know what you think.

Anonymous said...

I have been in quite a lot of contact with both Enercon and EASI. I have to say, the staff at Enercon has been much more specific and forthcoming with information. Easi seems to copying alot of what enercon has pioneered in recent years.

I also spoke with one of their affiliates that went to Headquarters for training and they were thoroughly impressed. Plus, Enercon is ALOT less money upfront. About $20,000 less.

I am joining Enercon in May and they will schedule the training when and where we want it; which is really nice.

Yankee Doodle said...

I'm not sure my first comment took, so I'm posting again.
I'm familiar with both companies. Enercon is a former rogue Dealer of Energy Automation Systems (EASI). They have tried to copy EASI's technology, business model, customer references, marketing materials, etc. I understand that EASI is currently suing Enercon and Paul Saxton. I have seen EASI's headquarters and their manufacturing facility. I've met their engineering people and other staff and found them knowledgeable and helpful. Energy Automation Systems has a thirty year history and thousands of satisfied customers. Frankly, I'd rather go with the real deal.

Anonymous said...

EASI is a scam. Paul Saxton may or may not be a scam artist, but EASI is a long running scam that has been sanctioned by various states and sued multiple times. Great lawyers, though.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you get a disclosure document, check with your State to make sure they are registered and verify that the documents match those given to the State.

Make sure you do not sign your rights away!

Contact the AAFD

Existing dealers should contact them and start their own chapter at

By this check this out: (3 documents to see here)

Ask them how many times they have been sued,how many dealers they have settled with, how many dealers were paid off? Get all this in writing! Find out how many and which dealers they have sued.

And what ever you do...DO NOT SIGN THERE CONTRACT THE WAY IT IS!!! Check with a competent FRANCHISE LAWYER not just any lawyer. Check the AAFD site for a lawyer.

If you do buy into this without consulting a lawyer, make sure you stroke out the section that says legal action has to be brought in TN and Sumner County and Stroke out the clause at the end that says, anything they said to you prior to signing this contract....can be used against them.

Ask them how many dealers they have and make sure they provide you with a dealer list with full contact information for all.

Search the internet for dealers, go through every hit on google, contact each and every dealer, count them see if the number matches how many dealers they say they have. Remember, almost every business has some kind of web connection.

Ask Paul why he went bankrupt with his business and claimed he was their most successful dealer when he was annouced president. Don't except the 911 excuse!

You have a right to a financial statement according to law!

One last thing, if at the end of the training and you already gave them your money (you might have a funny feeling in your gut...listen to it) Ask for a refund in writing, get them to sign a copy.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some sour grapes going on here. Perhpas a competitor, or someone who just didn't work his business. I've been associated with EASI for years and have made a ton of money. The products work and the people are great.

Anonymous said...

Then why don't you put your real name and business up. Free advertising!

Maybe you are Joe or Paul putting this up or one of their "business opportunity" marketers, anyway, what you say is simple BS. The links above your post are hard facts. Take a look at the court case that was posted on ripoff report, that says it all.

Oh, and by the way, was Paul not billed as their most succeful dealer? Went bankrupt and so did his partner Debra,correct? Does she still work there? Most succesful? More like using the PhD behind his name. Of course these are provable facts and simple to verify.

Don't believe ripoff reports full investigation crap, he was sued by easi to shut him up and is now getting paid by Joe to keep new posts off.

"sour grapes", does not matter how much sugar you put on this thing it ain't sweet once you get past the thick coating.

Copy and paste the links.

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