How to place Google AdSense ads within blog posts on Blogger or Blogspot! Part I

This is the first installment of a two-part article series that would help bloggers on the Blogger and Blogspot blogging platforms to nicely add or place their Google AdSense ads within their blog postings, like what I have done here in this particular posting for an example.

Under normal circumstances, it is not possible to do this via the existing built-in Google AdSense widget, provided by Blogger and Blogspot. The trick requires a little tweaking in the existing blog template and I would only cover this in the second installment. Other than that little tweaking, a slight modification on the generated Google AdSense code is also required.

As you all know, Google AdSense publishers are not allowed to modify or change the generated Google AdSense codes. Google have made this very clear in their written policies and TOS (Term of Service). However, they would give bloggers on Blogger and Blogspot blogging platforms individual permissions to modify the generated Google AdSense codes. As I have said, the permission is given strictly on a one-to-one basis. So, you would have to submit a written request to Google AdSense Help Center and seek their permission to modify the codes for this particular purpose.

To make your life easier, I have written a simple email request that you can copy and paste it into your Google AdSense Center contact form. All you need to do is submit the form and wait for their response; they would normally do so within 48 hours.

Dear Google AdSense Help Center,

I have developed this deep interest in blogging and I would like to utilize Google AdSense as part of my blog monetizing tools. Even though Blogger has provided bloggers with a convenient Google AdSense widget, they cannot provide me with the option to place AdSense ads within or inside my blog posts.

Hence, I seek ways of doing that on the Web and found a few good websites that provides me with the solution. It seems that most bloggers would normally remove the Google AdSense comment tags to enable ads to be posted somewhere inside their blog posts. I did a little test of my own and found that it does indeed work!

One particular blogger claimed that he has forwarded a formal query to Google AdSense Help Center about this and had received confirmation that bloggers are permitted to remove the comment tags. Is this true? If yes, I would like to do the same on my own blogs.

Please advice as soon as possible.

You can put ‘Placing Google AdSense ads within blog posts?’ as the subject of your Google AdSense Help Center contact form.

Please submit a formal request to Google AdSense Help Center and seek their permission first of all! This is very important. Hacking or cracking is not a good way to solve problems. But if we do have to hack something for some good reasons, let’s do that ethically by seeking permissions.

I would come up with the second installment to help you in tweaking your blog template in the next couple of days. :)

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Nordin said...

Actually, there is no need to hack the code if we change a setting in the Blogger Setting. However, changing this setting will require us to change all existing post and future post too.

The setting I found is "Insert line break tag for each new line" or something like that. By default, the option is True.

By setting this off, there will be no problem in the original adsense code (IMHO). However, you must add manual paragraph tag (P) and/or line break tag (BR /) inside the post (existing and future alike). I find that by useing MS-Word to post ease the process.

In my blog, I did not implement this yet, due to numerous existing post in the blog. By setting the setting to false, the formatting of existing code will be chaos. However, I will need to do that in the future after careful schedule and planning.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your comments, Nordin.

Unfortunately, it is not as easy as you thought. Placing Google AdSense ads straight into your blog postings while in editing mode would not work because the codes are not XML formatted by default. Even if you manually format them according to the XML format rules, the ads would not appear upon publishing. That’s why Blogger provides that Google AdSense widget in the first place. Unfortunately, the widget does not provide bloggers with much option.

Even if it can work somehow, it would be too cumbersome for bloggers. It is better to tweak the template instead. It is a one-time operation and you don’t have to do anything else after that.

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