Worldwide Franchise Opportunity – Talent Management™

Today we are going to focus on a successful business franchise established by a husband and wife team of Damian & Suzy O’Connor. Currently based in Norwich UK but they do also have another base setup in the US at Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Their business franchise would give anyone who is really keen on setting up their very own home based business the opportunity to be a talent management agent on a worldwide platform! What a splendid idea! Their trade name is Talent Management® and their objective is to create a worldwide platform for both talents and hirers or hunters to get to know each other on a common ground.

Talent Management® agents are of course fully licensed and they may represent dancers, singers, actors, comedians, magicians, entertainers, musicians whether they were amateurs or professionals under one roof through the franchise’s online network. You can see it as an online showcase for the entertainment industry.

The good news is that interested franchisee would not be required to pay any franchise fee. They do have to provide a minimum of ₤5,000 for setup and licensing fees. Their immediate source of income would be from their talents and talent hunters who would have to pay certain amount of reasonable fees for registration and membership upgrades. Anybody can run this practically at home and you don’t have to hire any additional staff. This is one of those rare be-your-own-boss home based business that actually work! You don’t have to worry about marketing your talents to the world since the job would be handled by Talent Management® professionals. You just lay back and concentrate on ushering in more and more talents and talent hunters into your own business network. That’s all!

Interested parties may call Talent Management™ in their UK office at 0871 224 2222 for more information.

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