Top money making programs for webmasters & web publishers!

I’m sure there are those who laughed upon seeing this article’s headline today. Sure, such knowledge is common and you can find out on your own if you want to from any search engines.

That’s ok. There is no harm in covering this topic all over again since it might benefit those who are still seeking for the right formulas to make money online through their websites or blogs. Based from my own experience and 37 other colleagues, we have more or less agreed that the best and most reliable money making programs available as of time of writing are as follows:

  1. Google AdSense
    1. Requires no introduction since everyone is going for this program everywhere in the world. It is a typical Pay-per-Click or Pay-per-Impressions contextual advertising program that was introduced by the big mighty Google. It is convenient and the code behind the program is intelligent enough to display relevant ads based from our web page contents. The best way to make more money out of this program is to resort to arbitrage with Google’s other program created specifically for advertisers, Google AdWords. By resorting to arbitrage, you are assured of thousands of targeted traffic to your website on daily basis and this will significantly enhance your Google AdSense earnings.
  2. Amazon
    1. This is the best gold mine in our opinions and most of you out there associates Amazon with books and magazines. As matter of fact, Amazon has more than that and they might one day transform themselves into what eBay is today. Amazon’s Associate programs are quite comprehensive and you have more options to play around with unlike Google AdSense. Here, you have the opportunity to earn up to 40% on each sales leads. You can even earn some from referrals too. Currently they have a Beta contextual advertising program that behaves similarly as Google AdSense giving publishers little hassle in integrating the program into their websites.
  3. eBay
    1. eBay’s affiliate program is the hottest in the market at the moment. It is quite similar with Amazon’s whereby you can earn between 40% - 65% on each sales leads. You can also earn some decent amount of money through referrals as well. It is not difficult to integrate eBay affiliate programs into websites. As matter of fact, it is kind of fun in setting up your very own e-Store into any of the web pages. The toughest part in the process would be to find items with considerable relevancy with your web contents. Once you got that clear, everything would be a synch.
  4. ClickBank
    1. The biggest online retailer of digital products. It has well over 10,000 products that you can choose to be affiliated with and earn up to 70% in commissions. This is by far the all time most popular way for anybody to start earning some money online. It is pretty straightforward, signup for their affiliate program and then you may start promoting your chosen products online. They also have a very good tracking system proven throughout the years.
  5. Clicksor
    1. It is not that well known but it is reliable nonetheless. Their contextual advertising programs are quite similar with Google AdSense and you can earn up to 85% on each sales leads. The only thing that hinders everyone from signing up as their associates is the fact that Clicksor would only accept applications from those with websites that receives at least 5,000 unique visits or page views per day!

When I said top money making programs, it doesn’t mean that all 5 programs mentioned above would guarantee fast earnings to everyone. It does make money but it requires a lot of patience and hard work in promoting your websites through smart SEO techniques and online marketing. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme and you will never gain something overnight from reading this. No pain, no gain.

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