PROGRAM REVIEW – Azmin Wil’s Secret Formula!

Frankly speaking, I’m not at all that excited about writing a review on this online money making program since I have more or less highlight it in my past writing. But our site visitors have been sending us lots of emails requesting a complete review on it and so we would accommodate their requests today.

This online money making program is the work of a 26 year old Malaysian male that goes by the name of Che Azmin Che Wil. I’m not sure whether Azmin Wil is targeting the Malaysian or the whole world market but Malaysians have seen his Google AdWords online advertisement for quite some time now. But based from what I can see from his website, I can safely say that he’s only targeting Malaysia at the moment. What made his program interesting and raised eyebrows here in Malaysia is his claim that he made a hefty sum of US Dollar $8,096.37 in just 24 days without relying upon any of the followings:

  • Selling any products or services online
  • Getting involved in Get-Rick-Quick schemes
  • Using any websites or blogs
  • Joining affiliate programs
  • Joining any MLM programs
  • Using Pay-per-Click programs such as Google AdSense or AdBrite
  • Getting involved in any conventional business approach

The question that everybody is asking at the moment is how in the world did he do that? The only hints that anybody can gather from his website is that his secret formula involves hobbies and all of his customers came through Google. Obviously our site visitors were hoping that maybe we could shed some light on his secret formula. I could do that here today but if you really want to find out for sure just go and purchase his secret formula online. At Malaysian Ringgit $50.00, it is more than affordable for every Malaysians.

Ok now, let’s see what I can deduce from Azmin Wil’s online money making program. My best guess is that his secret formula involves in selling tips and pointers related to hobbies online. It is no secret that a lot of hobbyists are making decent money through selling their tips and pointers on the internet. For an example, do a search on keywords such as ‘fishing tips’ or ‘cooking tips’ on any search engines. Look at the search results carefully and you should find that some of them are actual hobbyists that are selling tips and pointers on their niche hobbies.

Even though most of the hobbyists have their own websites that shares and sells information, it is not entirely impossible to sell anything without a website nowadays. There are many ways to do that. Azmin Wil realized this and he took full advantage of them. My best guess is that he’s using free facilities provided by Google via their Google Product Search and Google Base beta programs to promote his stuffs online. Another popular method that saw significant interests from online money makers that have close resemblance with Azmin Wil’s secret formula are by writing articles or ‘lenses’ on Squidoo. All of these free facilities would allow you to sell any type of products and services online. Just write whatever you need and leave your contact details so that people can get in touch with you. You would have to write real well though, making sure that you are using powerful keywords that would later enables you to get higher page rank than your competitors.

Azmin Wil has also provided two additional very important solutions along with the disclosure of his secret formula. In a sense, both of his additional solutions are related since they were made for each other. If you are wondering what Azmin Wil meant by setting up something over in California, I can say that it must have something to do with PayPal. If you wish conduct some sort of business online, you must have a well known online payment processor such as PayPal to help you. Most Malaysians would groan upon hearing PayPal since PayPal requires Malaysian account holders to open up US bank accounts to facilitate withdrawals. Ever since the September 11th incident, opening up US bank accounts for non-residents have become rather difficult. Still, it is not entirely impossible. There are many ways to do that and Azmin Wil has indicated that he would provide you with the solution. His solution involves in the use of a virtual office somewhere in the Middle East. There’s nothing wrong there as far as I’m concerned even though most of other Malaysian internet marketers and money makers would have preferred to use Singapore instead.

I would say that Azmin Wil’s secret formula falls under the Bum Marketing method. It is a popular way of making money in the US and UK, many considered Bum Marketing as a simplified variation of Article Marketing. The method is genuine and many have made considerable amount of money through Bum Marketing. This method should be of interests to those who have little time to spend and focus on their online money making activities. I have no problems with Bum Marketing methods to make money online. However, I’m afraid that I cannot say the same for Azmin Wil Dot Com. I’m not too happy with their level of customer service and I also noticed that my anti virus program flagged silent intrusions of a malicious Trojan whenever I surf their very web page that highlights their secret formula. I don’t know whether this is intentional or not but using Trojans to silently record and monitor site visitors is a big turn-off for anybody! AzminWil Dot Com, please look into your web page source codes and remove that as soon as possible. I’m sure that you have lost a lot of potential customers because of that Trojan.

Lastly, I would give AzminWil’s Secret Formula program a 3 stars rating. AzminWil has something with great potential all right but they need to work a little bit more on their customer and web services. I would recommend AzminWil’s Secret Formula to those who are looking for a risk free and zero down way to make money online.

By the way, I’m sure that some of our site visitors are experienced internet marketers and money makers. I would love to hear your opinions on Bum Marketing. Tell me, can we make easy money through Bum Marketing nowadays? Please place your vote here.

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