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A lot of our site visitors have hounded us with emails asking us to reveal or share a little bit of our Web 2.0 traffic generation techniques upon learning that we have purchased a copy of Michael Cheney’s Traffic Videos. I’m a bit hesitant to entertain their questions and requests at first since Michael Cheney’s video products are quite brand new and revealing them would not be acceptable by Michael Cheney himself.

So what I would do today is to strike a compromise. I will share what we knew about generating traffics on Web 2.0 (the basics of course) and at the same time keeping the lid on Michael Cheney’s secrets well intact. Before we start on that, let us understand what Internet Marketing is all about in the old Web 1.0. In a nut shell, it is about:

  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing (includes SEO)
  • Lead Generation (or list building)
  • Seeking Joint Venture partners and
  • Affiliate Marketing

Don’t get me wrong, Web 1.0 methods are still useful nowadays but it has lost some of their edge and effectiveness in the new Web 2.0. Nobody can quite figure out why but it must have been due to the fact that internet users nowadays are much more demanding and their insatiable hunger for information and knowledge prompts them to seek new ways of getting them. Come on now, ask yourself honestly. Aren’t you tired of receiving all that boring emails and news letters through your inbox? Well, you are not the only one. Millions of other internet users felt the same way too. They are no longer fond of being fed with information. They would rather seek them on their own anytime they want to without being harassed or hounded by emails or news letters. Who reads emails nowadays anyway?

Experienced internet entrepreneurs such as Joel Comm and Michael Cheney noticed this sudden change in internet users’ behaviours long time ago and they have now changed their internet marketing approach to cater for this apparent change. If you are still holding on to your Web 1.0 internet marketing tactics like politicians with their silly policies today, I can bet that you would fall flat on them sooner or later. Time changes everything and that includes changing the minds and behaviours of millions of internet users, you just have to accept that fact.

I’m not going to waste your time defining Web 2.0 from A to Z here. You can easily find that out from Wikipedia. There are plenty of Web 2.0 websites nowadays but the ones that can help you in generating massive traffic and boost sales are the ones categorized under the followings:

  • Social Networking
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Video Sharing
  • Podcasting
  • Blog

The bad news is that your work as an internet marketer and money maker is now more than doubled that what you were used to in Web 1.0. The additional work is all worth it once you mastered the art of modifying and combining the old school Web 1.0 internet marketing tactics with Web 2.0’s principles and behaviours. The results would blow you away like what Joel Comm and Micheal Cheney has discovered in the past! It’s an absolute tsunami and you should be pleasantly surprised to see that you have generated massive traffic and more importantly boost your sales exponentially! Nah... I’m not over exaggerating, Michael Cheney for an example have gone through this euphoric moments himself! Feel free to visit his website and find out on your own.

As I have promised, I will provide my site visitors with the expose that they wanted on generating traffic on Web 2.0. It is more of a generic report that I have received from an old friend some time back but the tips given are straightforward and easy to understand. This free report that I’m providing is not the full solution that you are looking for but I’m sure that you are a smart guy and should be able to go on your way once you know where to start looking in the first place. I’m giving you all the necessary starting points; do like what the rest of the Web 2.0 folks are doing. Find the rest of the missing points on your own. :) You may find the download link here. My best wishes and good luck!

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