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Let’s face it. Every webmasters, web publishers and website owners all dreamt of the same thing. Every one of them wants their websites to be ranked in the top 10 of every major search engines. Who doesn’t? Websites that are ranked in the top 10 have maximum global exposure! The world over would know about them and getting loads of free traffic that would eventually converts into money would be a snap!

Then again, it is not easy to be listed in the top 10. Even if you managed to get there today, you can bet that your competitors would do their best to beat you. It is a never ending struggle to maintain positions at the top 10 and that is why most top websites engaged the services of SEO experts to specifically take care of that for them.

What about small time website owners that are involved in home based business for an example? Obviously they could not afford to hire SEO experts that demand top dollars for their services. Well, they have to do it the hard way of course. Despite what some experts said, link building or back linking are still among the best way to improve your web and page rankings.

Let’s not dwell too much on the details here. Suffice to say that link building and back linking requires manual attention and that may take weeks and even months to achieve the desired results. By the time you reach the top 10 of any search engine, you are all ready emotionally exhausted and lack the motivation to carry on. Believe me; we have gone through that period before in our bids to promote our individual eStores. In the end, we too sought the help of professionals and hire SEO experts to assist and consult us.

Last few months however we found something that is simply remarkable! It is actually more or less recommended by Michael Cheney and knowing that he is a very hard man to please and would not easily endorse third party products, we took some time to see what he’s suggesting. Boy! I’m glad we did!

With the help of Michael Cheney, we now have found two superb automated tools to help anyone on their web promotion and link building tasks. They are hassle free, easy to use and you can see the results within a few weeks! These tools received top ratings by major online review sites and they are all impressed with their powerful features.

They are created by Axandra GmbH, a company that is specializing on making quality website promotion tools and they have been around ever since 1997! They are privately held and are based in Montabaur, Germany. They have a number of incredible products but these two definitely impressed people most, IBP and ARELIS. Now, I’m not going to waste your time talking about their features and stuffs in detail here. You can get that from their website. Let’s just take a brief look at what they are capable of in the first place:

IBP or Internet Business Promoter

  • It is a multi award winning website promotion software!
  • Comes with lots of wonderful features such as Search Engine Ranking Editor, Search Engine Submitter, Top 10 Optimizer, Link Popularity Tools, Website Optimization Editor, Keyword Generator, Keyword Editor, Scheduler, Project Management and lots more software modules that you can only dream about! All of this awesome website promotion tools under one fully packed package!
  • They have two editions that are priced at unbelievable prices. IBP Standard is currently on sale at US$249.95 while IBP Business is priced at US$449.95!
  • You may not realize this but search engines have a peculiar habit of quietly changing their ranking system. Often websites are caught off guard by this and they would soon have to revise their promotion strategies to cater for these silent changes over and over again. Somehow Axandra is privy to their silent changes and provides solutions (you have to pay of course) for users of their IBP software. It is something like the virus definition updates that you would normally download to update your anti virus program. The only difference is that users of IBP software would receive automated updates on current search engine behaviours instead! Superb!

ARELIS or Axandra's Reciprocal Links Solution

  • It is a highly rated link popularity and link management software from Axandra.
  • If you have spent days and weeks on manually building reciprocal links for your website with relevant partners all this time, you would definitely appreciate this software. Everything can be done faster and easier on this powerful software! Magnificent!
  • Just like IBP, Axandra also provides two editions of ARELIS, ARELIS Standard and ARELIS Business. As of time of writing, they are not releasing ARELIS as standalone software. They are packaged together with IBP making it a complete all-in-one powerful website promotion tool!
Listen everybody; if you have been wasting your money on buying crap eBooks on website promotion and link building all this time, I would strongly suggest that you stop doing that this very instance! Stop buying crap tips and pointers and go for the one time true solution instead. IBP and ARELIS is the only thing you need for your websites. You can use the very tools that most SEO experts are secretly using today!
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