Top iPhone 4S complaints and problems? iPhone 4S sucks?

The iPhone 4S was revealed to the whole world a few days before the shocking death of Steve Jobs. His death stunned the world and for a short few days, people actually stopped talking about the new iPhone!

Well, today I’m going to start blogging about the iPhone 4S all over again and this time I want to see what kind of complaints and problems the users have with the new iPhone 4S.

Let’s take a look!

Poor Battery Life

It seems some users are not happy with the iPhone 4S battery life. Many are wondering why their old iPhones have longer battery lives than the new iPhone 4S. Oh my! Let’s see what they have said about this:

“In the 29 minutes since I last posted, I wrote one email, played one word in Words with Friends, one word in Hanging with Friends, read a few news articles in USA Today, and read some posts in Engadget. All on wifi, not 3G. My battery has gone from 89% to 77%. Dropping 12% every half hour means the phone will barely last over 4 hours of light usage, and that's not even making any calls!”

“same here have been using iPhone 4 and the battery has been OK but since getting the 4s I am experiencing terrible battery drain in comparison. I thought the battery was supposed to have a better battery? typing now with only 6% left where my iPhone 4 would have a about 40% under the same conditions.... very strange and not good in my humble opinion.”

There’s more at Apple Support Communities

iPhone 4S

Buggy iPhone 4S Siri

Siri is supposed to be the iPhone 4S moment of glory but to my surprise, some users are having nightmares with its buggy performance. Let’s see what they have said about this:

“On friday, Siri worked fairly well.. Spotty most of the weekend.. Monday morning: no connection .. I chalked it up to people showing off at work swamping the servers. Monday afternoon: worked like a dream. Sent 50 texts, set up my whole week on the calendar, and set several reminders without even looking at my phone. Today: NOTHING AT ALL!!!!!!! Not one command. It's a wicked tease. :-/”

“Works somewhat on wifi. Won't read text messages though. Can't connect on 3G. Big let down. I've switched back to regular voice control. My friend had a droid and it had a Siri knock off app and it worked 10 times better. Sad really.”

Apple Support Communities have plenty of complaints about Siri. I’m totally shocked!

iPhone 4S users are unable to switch off 3G

This is a little hard to explain. Here goes… In the old iPhone 4, users have the ability to switch off 3G and rely upon 2G networks such as GPRS and EDGE to make calls and surf the web. This is a great little ability that is clearly lacking in the new iPhone 4S. According to some iPhone users, 2G has its advantages over 3G especially in areas with poor 3G reception. Some even say that 2G networks do not drain that much power from their batteries compared to 3G which is an absolute pig.

“It doesn't matter if EDGE is an "obsolete" technology in your opinion, Apple still needs to support it because there are many areas of the country that don't have 3G in their area yet. When you can't switch 3G off on your phone, and you don't have a 3G signal, your phone is searching for the 3G signal the entire time, wasting battery life. “

Believe me, there are many iPhone 4S users that are not happy with this.

iPhone 4S and its mysterious high-pitched noise

Oh boy! I’ve heard about this problem during the iPhone 3GS time but it looks like the nasty bug is still around today in the new iPhone 4S. This particular problem happens when the iPhone 4S is plugged to an external audio player such as your ordinary car audio system via its 1/8” or 3.5mm stereo headphone minijack. Come and see what some users had reported about this particular problem.

“I thought it was just my phone, but I went to the Apple store for support and got a new one. Same issue. I think it's interference from the dual antenna in the phone. Glad it's not just me. I was going insane.”

“What has me concerned right out of the gate as being an audio engineer whose worked in studios, this issue reminds of electronic crosstalk scenarios that could never be fixed via software, but caused by one piece of hardware interfering with another, or a fault in a piece of hardware related to the output.”

Are you hungry for more?

iPhone 4S sucks? More unhappy iPhone 4S users?

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I had never a problem with my Iphone! :))

homebiss said...

Iphone Onvista,

You are pretty lucky! Some iPhone users do face problems with their iPhones. :)

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