Spy on your spouse with Android and BlackBerry spy apps? Free for 90 days?

I just stumbled upon an amazing mobile spy app, allowing users including businesses to not only catch cheating spouses but also spy on their children and employees! Those interested in trying out the mobile spy app can even use it for free for 90 straight days!

The amazing mobile spy app is called StealthGenie and it is available for Android and BlackBerry users. StealthGenie has many powerful features and I don’t know where to start. It can intercept, listen or record phone calls, voicemails and SMS messages. The mobile spy app can even secretly record the surrounding of the individual being spied upon! Oh my!

I also have to mention that StealthGenie comes with a powerful real time geo location tracking tool where users can see the location of the people they are spying upon on a nice map in real time. Here’s what I like most about StealthGenie’s geo location tracking tool. It allows users to specify boundaries. If the people they are spying upon move outside the specified boundaries, the tool will automatically send instant messages or emails to notify the users. Whoa!

I admit that mobile spy apps such as StealthGenie are nasty and many people frown upon such apps. However, that doesn’t mean that we cannot use them. If you have STRONG REASONS to use them to quietly spy on somebody, I don’t think anybody would question you. If you do have some STRONG REASONS right now, feel free to try out StealthGenie and you can use it for free for 90 days.

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maneesh said...

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