Motorola Milestone's/DROID’s greatest enemy: Magnetic phone cases!

Do you know that Motorola DROID/Milestone, the hottest Android-powered (runs on Android 2.0) smartphone right now, has a major flaw? It seems to have problems dealing with magnetic phone cases! Shocking video included.

Motorola Milestone's/DROID’s greatest enemy: Magnetic phone cases!

Motorola DROID - Front, with keyboard opened

Before you accuse me of being nuts, let me start by saying that all phones (cellphones & smartphones alike) could not handle big electromagnetic fields but that’s not why you’re here reading this post today.

You see, Motorola DROID has a few accessories and one of them is a car mount that users can use to attach their Motorola DROID smartphones to their cars’ windshields or dashboards. According to Wireless Zone, the car mount accessory has a magnet that will trigger Motorola DROID’s car mode once the smartphone is properly placed into the car mount. The key point to remember here is that Motorola DROID’s car mode activation is dependent upon the presence of simple magnets.

Do you know what Wireless Zone has discovered?

They discovered that small magnets (like those found in magnetic phone cases) can bring havoc to Motorola DROID smartphones. Motorola DROID is an intelligent smartphone but it is not smart enough to detect the difference between magnets attached to phone cases and car mounts. Motorola DROID will assume nearby magnetic fields as triggers for its car mode and that poses a risk to users using magnetic phone cases to carry their Motorola DROID smartphones. As you can see from the following video, magnet buttons on phone cases can trigger Motorola DROID’s car mode even after users have locked and put their phones into standby. When that happens, power will be wasted and some other funny things might happen as well.

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