DROID/Milestone sucks? 7 common gripes/complaints about Motorola DROID/Milestone

I know this is going to piss off some Android lovers out there but the story has to be told nonetheless. Feel free to flame this post but it will not stop me from reporting news that might put some dents to DROID/Milestone or any other gadgets in the future. Read on to find out more about those common gripes or complaints about DROID/Milestone, Motorola’s Android 2.0-powered smartphone. :)

DROID sucks? 7 common gripes/complaints about Motorola DROID/Milestone

Motorola DROID - Front, with keyboard opened

7 common gripes/complaints about the DROID/Milestone

1. Applications freeze up for no obvious reasons

“…Configured both personal (hotmail) and business (Exchange) email accounts on my new Droid last night, and everything was fine until I experienced a crash while tring to view a Microsoft .xlsx attachment…”

Source: Motorola Support Forums

2. DROID’s keyboard (both physical and virtual) sucks

3. DROID has poor battery life

“…Like everyone, I want a GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth-enabled smartphone with a battery that lasts for a week. Turn all those wireless tools on, and the Droid’s battery is dead after a few hours…”

Source: The Gadgetress

If you are using a magnetic phone case to carry your DROID right now, stop using it immediately. Magnetic phone cases can silently ‘activate’ DROID smartphones!

4. DROID has a good-for-nothing camera

I thought everything will turn out okay after November 17th but I was wrong. We still have users complaining about DROID’s camera.

5. DROID ‘loves’ echoes

“…My wife complains that the phone sounds like there is an echo. I notice that the sound on incoming calls is also tinny and clips…”

Source: Motorola Support Forums

6. DROID does not support multitouch

Perhaps in the US but in Europe and Canada, Motorola Milestone (same phone, different name) does support multitouch.

7. DROID has a loose battery cover

Discovered this last Thursday and I was really shocked by it! Motorola DROID has a loose battery cover!? Oh boy… Even though it sounds pretty bad but it can be fixed quite easily with a small flat screwdriver.

Bonus: 'DROID sucks' tweets on Twitter

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