Mighty iPhone 3G S jailbroken at last. Here’s the easiest way to jailbreak it.

Do you know that you can easily unlock and jailbreak Apple’s awesome brand new iPhone 3G S with purplera1n? Videos included.

Mighty iPhone 3G S jailbroken at last. Here’s the easiest way to jailbreak it.

To the best of my knowledge, there are two noteworthy ways of unlocking and jailbreaking (don’t forget screwing up) iPhone 3G S as of time of writing:
  1. One via Dev-Team’s ultrasn0w and
  2. The other one via George Hotz’s purplera1n

I have been reading couple of reviews in the last few hours and now has come to the conclusion that the easiest and fastest way to unlock and jailbreak your brand new iPhone 3G S is by using the tools and following the steps provided by George Hotz. George Hortz’s jailbreak only requires:
  • Your iPhone 3G S of course (running 3.0 firmware)
  • A Windows (won’t run on Windows 7) laptop/computer
  • Latest installation of iTunes
  • Purplera1n, Freeze & Cydia apps (downloadable)

You may compare both iPhone 3G S unlocking/jailbreaking methods by watching the following videos. Choose the one that you feel you are comfortable with. The first one shown down below shows Dev-Team’s ultrasn0w. Good luck!

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